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Wabi Sabi Bubble-glaze Bowl

Wabi Sabi Bubble-glaze Bowl

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A bowl of whimsy and playfulness, blowing bubbles brings out my inner child.

Using the bubble glaze technique the celadon concentrated into a robin's blue egg, leaving a multi-textured surface from bubbling application.

This thickness that created such a unique color and texture also caused the glaze to run, sealing the foot of the bowl to the kiln shelf during firing. A sacrifice to the kiln gods, the scarred foot has been sanded smooth and sits even, a story of what this bowl has experienced.

Unique from every angle. 


Handthrown ceramic ramen bowl, bubble glaze application with a robin's egg blue celadon. Celadon spots inside ramen bowl. Scarred foot that has been sanded and salvaged. Learning to accept these flaws, this is wabi sabi.

Fired to cone 5.

V: 4 cups | D: 7 in | H: 3.5 in

These items are handmade, so please allow for unique quirks and one-of-a-kind character that may not be pictured. It is wabi sabi.

Dishwasher, microwave safe. Handwash recommended.
See pottery care for more details.

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