First, FAQ: What's Choss?

choss is rock unsuitable for climbing. when outdoors, you might find rocks covered in lichen, crumbly, or soft.

and, clay is made of decomposed rock. clay is choss. get it? it's a pun!

Where did it start?

i'll give Santi credit for this one. MADE IN CHOSS is a principle born from years of climbing sessions with my brother, Santi.

he is 6'5" and I am 5'3", as you can imagine, we have very different climbing styles.

What's the principle?

a route Santi would crush would be absolute choss for me (aka hard as hell), and vice versa. MADE IN CHOSS became our mantra for pushing each other to try harder outside our comfort zones.

we're made stronger by sending the choss. we believe it so much, we even got matching tatus.

So, why name your pottery brand MADE IN CHOSS?

this pottery business is my first ascent. first ascents happen when someone looks at a chossy wall and says "I'm going to climb that". Something no one before them thought suitable for climbing.
all first ascents are climbed on choss.

this is how I show up best in the world. grounded and continually pushing the boundaries of what I previously thought possible, making bomb-ass pieces to share this motto with you.

thanks for witnessing my first ascent. let's send it.

plus it's a pun.