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Stone Mug 10oz

Stone Mug 10oz

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Sometimes those moments before the sun is awake, before color has grazed the horizon, are the most peaceful. When you look out at the dawn and the possibilities of the day have yet to unveil themselves. This is where hope lives and change is made. 

Sometimes those moments after twilight, as the brightness of the day recedes behind the cloud cover, are the most peaceful. When you reflect on where you've been, and how you got here, the sweet and bitter intermingled to provide depth to your senses. This is where life is made more precious.

This mug is the perfect companion to elevate your routine with a sensory landscape to touch and hold, grounding you in the little moments where life is lived.


Handthrown ceramic mug, sage matte glazed with amber-iron oxide wash. Dual-texture surface, matte. Rock-hammered rugged mountain landscape, hand-pulled handle. Fired to cone 5.

V: 10oz

These items are handmade, so please allow for unique quirks and one-of-a-kind character that may not be pictured. It is wabi sabi.

Dishwasher, microwave safe. Handwash recommended.
See pottery care for more details.

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