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Agave Bowl

Agave Bowl

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When I first moved to the desert, I was prejudiced to think they were dry desolate places. Growing up in the lush pacific northwest spoiled me to vibrant green mountains that screamed LIFE. Upon first observing this abrasive environment, I didn't see much beauty.

How wrong I was! Deserts are teeming with resilient life. Flora and fauna that do more with less, that survive droughts and soak in the life-giving sunlight. Spikes to protect, brilliant colors to warn, foreign, almost alien. Not to mention the sky: sunrises, sunsets, and the glimmering universe at night, reminding us to question our place and purpose. The desert gives meaning to want and need.

Agaves are marvelous plants, growing sometimes up to 20 feet tall, living half a century long. It's sap can be made into a sweetener, or tequila, another sweetener of sorts.

An agave plant dies after its first and only bloom, spending its life preparing for one debut, then giving its life to provide nutrients for the next. It's decay provides enough to share with birds, bees, and the skittering creatures around it. A bittersweet balance and a natural harmony. Is the agave's purpose to bloom or to die?

I think I will always be partial to the mountains, but the desert has taught me to open my eyes. There is beauty in prickly things that have found inventive ways to survive on this planet. There is beauty in the inhale of breath, and in the exhale.


Celadon blue-green ramen bowl with iron oxide brush strokes. Agave plant and desert inspired. Glaze has some speckling grit that has come up on the surface, but still recommended food safe, it is wabi sabi. 

V: 3.5 cups | D: 6 in | H: 3.5 in

These items are handmade, so please allow for unique quirks and one-of-a-kind character that may not be pictured.

Dishwasher, microwave safe. Handwash recommended.
See pottery care for more details.

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